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United Federation of Instances

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A federation of good-faith actors on the Fediverse

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** Members of the UFoI will be temporarily hidden until the last stage of launch **

No more mobs with pitchforks!

A united federation based on ethics, evidence, and due process.

  • Guaranteed federation

    As long as members of the UFoI uphold the UFoI's Code of Ethics you are guaranteed to be federated with the whole of the UFoI.

  • Due process

    We guarantee all members of the UFoI to be given a fair hearing with due process, strictly evidence based (no hearsay) and a chance for both sides to be heard,

  • Right to Leave

    No obligations for instance admins. Instances are allowed to leave the UFoI at anytime with no prior notice. If you arent sure about membership you are never locked in.

How it works

The UFoI is a social construct, no special software needed. Any Fediverse instance may join so long as you agree to follow a few basic rules.

Waiting list
1. Code of Ethics

We require all member instances to adhere to a simple Code of Ethics that must be applied to their moderation practices. Don't worry, you are welcome to add your own instance rules on top of that.

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2. Apply for Membership

Any instance, big or small, can join. Once you apply your instance will be reviewed to certify that you do indeed follow the Code of Ethics .

all done
3. Guaranteed Federation

Once admitted your instance will be guaranteed federation and must likewise federate with all servers within the UFoI.

Overview of UFoI

The Fediverse doesnt need to be a hostile place -- when people work together to nurture the best in each other then we can build a community to be proud of.

  • Focus on the community

    The UFoI is focused on building communities, not tearing them down. Our focus is to create a community that is proud to federate with each other. This bears a striking difference to the way we usually approach online communities where the primary tool is blocking.

  • Block lists are secondary

    There will always be a need to maintain block lists for some instances. Coalitions provide an organized way to do this while still ensuring due process. Coalitions are community formed so the core principles of UFoI can focus on creating connections.

  • Still decentralized

    The UFoI still strongly believes in keeping things decentralized. Not everyone in the Fediverse will want to be part of the UFoI; we still allow instances to freely federate outside of the UFoI and encourage others to create their own federations modeled after the UFoI, it is open-source afterall.

  • Transparent governance

    All decisions are made publicly for transparency, including all evidence and voting records. Decisions are made democratically and in the open ensuring all parties effected have a chance to present their side.